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What's in the Training?

Booth Display

Learn all the secrets of the pros...from booth layout to lighting. All the tips and tricks you'll need for a booth that attracts your ideal customer!


Are you tired of working so hard only to discover that you're not making a profit? No more! With this win/win pricing strategy, both you and your customers will walk away happy.


Wondering how to keep all the details straight? We'll talk through everything you need to plan, execute, and keep records for each and every craft more lost paperwork!

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be the busiest booth at the fair, or wondered why some people have great success at local events while others struggle to make a sale?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to walk into craft fair season organized, prepared and confident that you’ll rock that fair?! Instead, you’re stressed out, juggling too many things and not so sure all the chaos is worth it…especially when the customers keep walking right past your booth!

When you start learning the science and art behind craft fair success, you'll tame that chaos and get on with the business of selling your amazing products. Calm your craft fair season stress and start learning how to Rock Your Craft Fair Season today!

About Pam @theCrochetPRENEUR

By profession, I'm a crocheter, designer, and psychotherapist. After becoming a six-figure seller on Etsy in 2016 and being designated one of the top five crochet shops in the world by, I decided to combine my passion for helping others and my love of crochet by creating CrochetPRENEUR - a hub for business coaching resources, profit-optimized patterns and an accompanying Facebook community of like-minded crochet artisans looking to grown their businesses and encourage one another. We'd love to have you join us! Keep reading, below, to learn more.

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After building a thriving crochet business, I'm happy to share the insider tips to building a business that fits your personality and lifestyle.

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