Growing a business you love is more than making a great product and sticking a price on it. There's a lot more business in a handmade business than many creative entrepreneurs have bargained for. 

Artisans like us are known for our gifts and talents and, well, not so much for our organization. But, the only way to grow a thriving business is to wrangle all those ideas, to-dos, and "don't forgets" and keep them organized.

Have you ever wished you could calm the chaos of running a handmade business?

Do you wonder how you'll build a thriving business when you struggle to manage your schedule?

Me, too.

As a creative business owner, working hard every day to turn my passion and pastime into profits, I've felt the constant hounding pressure that we all feel to 'make it happen." ...

to build a business, make a product, market, sell, package, ship and grow it all on my own and to have the tools at my disposal to make it all work.

But I couldn't find the I created it!

Yes, it's a set of printable forms and checklists, but it's so much more! The ROCK YOUR cRAFT FAIR PLANNER is a comprehensive collection of curated resources to help you plan, execute, and profit from your craft fairs.

It will inspire and help you take back your time, manage your business activities and goals, and build your craft fair success in a purposeful and organized way - allowing you to focus on your daily, weekly, and monthly goals...and CRUSH them!

From tracking the details of each fair to tallying up your sales, it's the business-boosting tool we've been waiting for.

Hi, I'm Pam

It doesn't have to be so hard.

By profession, I'm a crocheter, designer, and psychotherapist. I know what it's like to juggle all the moving parts of a small business - particularly a handmade business. My first craft fair season was a disaster of lost details, underpricing and lack of sales. I never want to go through that again!

That's why I created the ROCK YOUR CRAFT FAIR PLANNER - so no handmade seller needs to go through that again. Craft fair season is a busy time and it doesn't have to feel like it's spinning out of control. The resources that I've gathered, with the input of several other successful sellers, have revolutionized my craft fairs. I went from making only $137 in sales my first three fairs to making over $5000 at my next three. 

Now, I can't guarantee those same figures for you, but I will guarantee that these printable pages will help you plan, execute and profit from your fairs in a way you hadn't before. You'll be organized, intentional and set up for success.

I have no doubt my planner will help your business, too.
























More Than a Planner, it's Your Blueprint for Success

  • Includes forms for
    • tracking your fair from beginning to end,
    • planning the details of the weeks and months leading up to your fairs,
    • setting goals and crushing them,
    • determining your booth layout,
    • keeping records for tax day, and
    • MORE!
  • Over 190 pages!
    • Print them all and bind them for 3 months and 5 craft fairs full of organizational wonder or
    • print off just the forms you need using our handy numbered index.
  • Includes 5 different colored spine options in 3 sizes.
  • A value of over $120 if purchased separately!


Print off the cover that best fits you and your business.


Use to identify forms for each fair or to separate categories of forms!


To track each product's wholesale and retail prices and profit margins.


The Handmade Product Pricing Calculator - Take the pain and guesswork out of pricing. Simply enter the details and our balanced pricing formula will create your suggested wholesale and retail prices and let you know each product's profit margins!